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Experienced Industry Professional - Certified ARIAS-U.S. Arbitrator



Debra Hall is a certified ARIAS-U.S. Arbitrator and has undergone formal mediation training at the Strauss Institute for Dispute Resolution at the Pepperdine School of Law. Prior to her current activities, Debra held senior executive officer positions with reinsurance companies / trade associations and receivership offices, providing her with extensive background and knowledge of the insurance / reinsurance industry as well as the unique issues involved in insurance receiverships. Ms. Hall has co-authored more than 50 amici briefs on behalf of the reinsurance industry in federal and state court,  authored / co-authored many published articles, and drafted hundreds of statutes / regulations that have been enacted into law. Please see the attached curriculum vitae for additional details. 

Experienced Expert Witness & Regulatory Consultant


Ms. Hall has acted as an expert witness before arbitration panels as well as state and Federal courts. She has provided expert testimony before Congress and state legislatures across the country on reinsurance regulatory and receivership issues. Debra was one of the primary drafters of the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act (TRIA) following 911 as well as setoff and claim estimation laws enacted throughout the country. Debra represented the U.S. Department of Commerce on reinsurance regulatory issues before the Brazilian insurance authority and Ministry of Finance and has consulted with numerous governments and industry clients. 

Experienced Litigator


Ms. Hall is a seasoned litigator with nearly a decade of significant trial experience, including the representation of Illinois government officials in class actions, state court mandamus and other proceedings as well as the defense of many temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions. Debra supervised litigation for more than 12 years, including all insurance receivership issues in Illinois. As General Counsel of the Reinsurance Association of America, she co-litigated setoff and claim estimation issues, drafted or supervised the drafting of more than 50 amici curiae briefs and was lead counsel on the reinsurance industry's successful challenge to claim estimation / acceleration of IBNR in the Integrity liquidation. Please see the attached curriculum vitae for additional details. 


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